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New Product Coming!!!

We have had an interesting start. We are a well rounded custom wood working company that can build almost anything you are looking for. With that being said, we love making gaming products. We started with dice trays and dice towers. It has taken us a minute to perfect our design, and there will always be room for improvement. Now that we have our jigs set and a rhythm down, it has become a smoother process. We have had the pleasure of working with some really neat people that have helped us along the way to finalize our design, and to get it to the point that it is now. This truly is an art all in itself, and we have found that wood is a creature all in its own.

Now, we have some fun and exciting new designs coming up. We are huge Dungeons and Dragons fanatics, but we long to venture down other gaming avenues as well. Magic the Gathering is a big one along with Warhammer 40K. Focusing in on our Magic the Gathering fans and other card players, we are producing a deck box that will hold multiple decks at a time. The more we explore this avenue, the more it makes us curious about a sound box design. We are open to any insight and/or input. We have a couple designs in mind, but here is our biggest question: What kind of locking mechanism would suit these deck boxes best? Can we do it with magnets alone, or are we going to need a latching mechanism? Nobody wants their cards falling out the box. We believe we have a design that will work well with magnets alone, but would this design strike fear into the hearts of cardholders that it may not stay closed while traveling?

Our goal is to make them as user friendly as possible while still being a conversation starter at any table they are presented at. We will be making the boxes out of wood naturally. This means we will be offering this design in the same options of wood and stain as our other products.

We are excited to present this product to our audience. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to email them to us! We would love to get feedback and input from people who have more experience with deck boxes. Our email address is If you can take a minute, let us know how we can best meet your gaming needs.

As always, we truly appreciate everyone who has supported us in our journey. You are all awesome, and this wouldn't be made possible without the encouragement and support that you have all given us. Thank you for your time!

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